Jordi´s recipes: reinvent the cupcakes!

As we had promise, today begins “Jordi´s recipes”, a space that will transport you to the gastronomic world in an entertaining way.

Cupcake: from tradition to innovation


Traditional cupcake recipe contains 4 ingredients:

250gr sugar
250gr eggs
250gr flour
250gr olive oila

Important, don´t let the pastry dry. For so we compensate with inverted sugar (a combination of glucose and fructose), but you can also do it with honey which will give a honey touch.
To turn the traditional cupcake into a modern one, here you have some tricks:

* The solids (flour) can be combined with dry spices, mushroom dust, candied or freeze-dried mushrooms, cheese… power for your imagination!

Gerd especies

* Olive oil can be changed by an aromatic oil (made with herbs, garlic, spices…), that you could make at home, we´ll explain some of them at next Jordi´s recipes posts.


Example of innovative cupcake:

Candied tomato and Provençal herbs:6123-muffins-o-magdalenas-de-gambas-receta-para-ninos

Ingredients for 12 cupcakes:

Candied tomato: 50grs of drain, you can also make it at home (new home made canned food post soon!) or buy some at the deli-store. Careful: don´t throw the oil, because it contains all the tomato fragrance and will be an ingredient too.


Eggs: 5 big eggs or 6 small ones.

Sugar: we´ll drop the sugar, so we are cooking a salty cupcake: 50gr of sugar + 75 gr of inverted sugar or honey

Baking flour: 200gr

A pinch of Provençal herbs (already prepared or you can dry them at home and mash them)

250gr olive oil from the candied tomatoes

A pinch of salt

10gr chemical yeast (as used to bake a cake)


0.- pre-heat the oven up to 200ºC
1.- whip the eggs with the sugars until you can´t feel the sugar at all
2.- incorporate the flour slowly
3.- add the candied tomato cut in dices.
4.- incorporate the Provençal herbs and the salt
5.- finally, incorporate the oil
It has to become a bind dough
The dough can spend a couple of days in the refrigerator or be used immediately.
Hey, you can freeze it too!
6.- divide the dough till a half of any mould (if you don´t have a cupcake mould, you could use the ones for crème caramel, there are dispensable moulds, but there´re not sustainable at all!)
7.- put the moulds into the oven at 200ºC. Depending on the mould size, it will be ready in 15 or 20minutes. During the last 5 minutes you can sprinkle parmesan, you´ll see the result!


TaYou can also cook the small cupcakes and present them as a very original snack, there are silicon moulds or paper and you can make them appear like chocolates!


At Montserrat deli-store you´ll find a variety of snacks ready to go, taste them!


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